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I am feeling fine today.

As Marilyn and I were sharing our coffee this morning, I told her about a crazy dream I had last night.

In a pool game called Rotation, there are 15 balls, numbered from one to fifteen.

In my dream I figured out that with one point being awarded for each of the numbers on the pool balls, there are 120 points, so in my dream I figured that I only needed to get 61 points to win any game and could not lose.

I was still attempting to figure out all of the combinations which could win, when I finally woke up.

I sometimes wonder about my own sanity!!!

We went to Walmart this morning, then to the Post Office, and then drove across the street from the Post Office to the restaurant our friends had taken us to for breakfast.

“Diaz” has pretty great food and we really like the huevos rancheros. In fact that is the only thing we have tried so far.

I’ll bet they have lots of other good dishes but we like those huevos rancheros so much!!

Lex & Bonnie came by to retrieve from the storage area, several Christmas wreaths with blinking lights. One is for the front door and one is now hanging above the outdoor fireplace.

Very festive looking.

Thank you Lex & Bonnie!

Marilyn fixed a nice spaghetti dinner and we enjoyed that with a glass of red wine.

Life is Good!

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