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I’ve heard it said that friends are family you choose.

Well, what we have seen and experienced in the RV life is that friends ARE family.

It could also be said in my own life, that my family ARE more than family. They are also friends.

Today we had eleven people for dinner. That number includes us of course, but it was a group of fine friends.

In fact we are so close to these good people that it is as close to family as we can get.

Constant harassment was a reality, with lots of laughter, as stories were told, mainly by the men, as we sat around after the meal.

There was lots of laughter during the meal also, due to one liners which seemed to just pop out every few minutes.

I won’t say who said these things but I will share a couple of comments heard during our feast today.

“Ed, if your arm gets tired of shoveling food into your mouth, I’ll come down there to feed you.”

“How did that wine get on my forehead?”

In reference to a spilled glass of wine, “Who made that really good purple gravy?”

And the crowning comment heard when most of us had finished eating. “Thanksgiving Dinner is a lot like Sex. The anticipation and excitement leading up to it is wonderful. Then POOF, it is all over!”

I wish I had a recording because there were many more comments, but that is an example of just a few I remembered.

Marilyn & I are blessed to have such wonderful friends, but also because they are such good cooks!

The food today really rocked!!

I am so stuffed that I feel ashamed of myself, so now I’ll just close this journal entry.

Today is just one example of why we continue to say Life is Good!

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