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Marilyn & I sipped our coffee as we talked about the dinner tomorrow, which we are sharing with many of our local friends.

The more we discussed the dinner, the more afraid Marilyn became, that we might need more chicken broth.

Knowing she is usually right in all matters, I offered to make a quick run to the store.

I wanted to go early in the morning to avoid as much of the crowd as possible.

I wandered around the store going up and down the aisles, adding items to my cart, much more than the measly four items on my list.

Back at the RV I unloaded things and then started setting up the courtyard furniture for our fun tomorrow.

Mike & Marian dropped by to do strange things to the turkey we had kept in the fridge. They seemed to feel a need to search inside the bird for items I like to eat, like a heart, liver, gizzard, etc.

Later in the day, Bob and Jesse arrived with tables to set up. We are now prepared with seating for eleven people.

Bob, Jesse, and I all sat visiting for some time and that was fun.

Still later in the afternoon, Mike & Marian, Bob & Janet, Jesse & Ginger, and Chris & Gia, stopped by for a “Happy Hour”.

The conversation was interesting and the laughter was fairly constant, but there wasn’t much of it that I can write about here in the blog.

It was around 6:00 PM when the day wrapped up with Marilyn & I relaxing. This is “Survivor” night so we’ll spend an hour in front of the TV.

Before I stop for today, I want to wish all of you loyal readers a Very Happy Thanksgiving. We wish you a day that will result in pleasant memories for the remainder of your life. That’s what a holiday can do.

Spending time with people you love and remembering the times in the past, which were spent with loved ones.

Life is Good!

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