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A phone call from our friends, Mike & Marian, last night, asking if we would like to go out for breakfast this morning, sort of made our day.

Another phone call later last night, caused us to have a great deal of worry. The second phone call was from our daughter, letting us know that Lauren, our grandchild, was running a high fever and they were going to the Doctor.

To make a long story shorter, things are ok today, but we worried until we finally fell asleep late last night.

This morning, we walked down to Mike & Marian’s house and were there only a moment or two when our friends came out.

They were going to come by to pick us up but we surprised them by waiting at their car.

Mike drove to a fine breakfast café called “Diaz.”

We sure enjoyed a tasty breakfast and the good company of our friends.

I should mention that I have been reading a new e-book on the Kindle reader. The book is called “Dear Ma.”

The book is a compilation of letters written by a young WWII soldier who is in basic training at Camp Blanding, near Starke, FL.

I find it interesting because my Dad served in the Army at Camp Blanding and I have a few memories of our time living in Florida, just outside of Starke.

My Uncle Roy was also at that same Camp for awhile before being shipped to Europe where he was wounded in action against the Germans.

I did manage to get the required paperwork forms printed today, to change our address in South Dakota.

I’ve decided to wait until next week to complete that stuff and make a trip to the US Post Office.

Tomorrow we’ll set things up for the Dinner we all have planned for Thursday.

So, for now, I’ll just wish all of you dear readers a good night.

Life is Good!

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