Di and Pete's 2014 Oz Adventure travel blog

Linga Longa - sign I liked

Pete's slate tiling handywork

Pete gets into another job

Canoeing - time for play

Di canoeing

Pete & Bear canoeing

We reached our destination

Returning from our canoeing adventure

Pete finds a good spot to cross the river

Imogen & Di crossing Hutt River

Cleaning up the Hutt River bank - Di, Imogen & Jenny

Brave Imogen with dead snake

Coronation Beach camp from lookout

Coronation Beach - Di, Madeleine and Imogen on lookout

Coronation Beach sunset

Wind Farm on way to Ellendale Pool

One blade from Wind Turbine next to our ute and van

Ellendale Pool

Ellendale Pool - Pete relaxing

Linga Longa part 2, Coronation Beach, Geraldton and Ellendale Pool.

I had the caravan packed up ready to go when Pete informed me we would be staying a bit longer at 'Linga Longa' as he was helping Jenny and Greg with painting their kitchen and then he did some plastering, he sure got his fix of tiling, painting and plastering. I didn't mind as it was very relaxing for me, we even drove back up to Kalbarri to see our friends Susanne, Michael and girls.

Jenny, Bear, Socks, Pete and I went on some more morning walks and we were lucky enough to go canoeing on the Hutt River. Greg dropped us off up stream and we rowed down stream where he picked the four of us up (Bear came also). We really enjoyed it but I need to get fitter arm muscles.

We had a BBQ one night with Jenny and Greg where Greg cooked some of their grass fed beef and may I say it was absolutely delicious and I am by no means a meat connoisseur.

Susanne, Michael, Madeleine and Imogen arrived at Linga Longa for one nights stay. The next morning Imogen joined us for our morning walk, which included a mini clean up Australia (3 bags of rubbish was collected), a river crossing, beach walk plus meeting a snake on the track back. We think it was at the same spot where we saw the snake before, in fact it could have been the same snake. It was a great walk and our last one as we all left that day for Coronation Beach Camp which is located north of Geraldton.

Before leaving Linga Longa a snake was discovered under the flooring of a camper trailer, unfortunately it was killed. Imogen was fascinated with it as it still had movement in its tail even though its head was practically severed from its body. I looked but didn't touch.

We both enjoyed our eight days at Linga Longa and we sure did "Linga Longa".

Our next stop Coronation Beach camp was right on the beach, it was windy most days but we did swim whilst there, walked the beach and relaxed. We caught up with our friend Sue ( dog rescuer ) which was really good, we even 'dog sat' her dogs whilst she went into Geraldton to shop etc. we enjoyed having four legged friends around our camp. Pete ran into a guy who was a work colleague five years ago, once again we are reminded what a small world it is.

We ended up spending four days at Coronation along with Sue plus Susanne and her gang, it was great.

Geraldton was our next stop, 'the big smoke'. We did a bit of shopping, repairing, looking about and enjoyed the caravan park life. Peter went golfing with our caravan neighbour and had an enjoyable afternoon whilst I had some 'me time' (win win situation).

After three days in Geraldton we headed out to Ellendale Pool camp and travelled past loads of wind turbines. It's a great bush camp with water in the lagoon and a big cliff on the other side of the water. There were signs warning not to swim in the water but heaps of people were swimming. The temperature reached 45 degrees on the second day of our stay so Pete want in for a very enjoyable swim.

We have been eating so many locally grown delicious tomatoes in the past few weeks and it looks like I have to give them a miss for awhile as it appears that they have given me hives, I'm so itchy and it's worse at night. I hope I'm not allergic to them for life as I love tomatoes. (what a bitch)

We keep crossing paths with travellers we have already met, someone said that the stragglers are the nicest as they are just taking their time and enjoying the journey, I must agree as we have met a lot of very interesting people. We had very enjoyable 'happy hours' both nights at Ellendale Pool.

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