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On Monday, the tornado warning turned out to be true, and the campground hosts came over & told us to take down all our antennas and to put in your slide outs. And to go to the shelters. By the time we got everything down and in, we were in the midst of the bad winds. (Spike was tracking this on his phone.) So we just stayed put and rode out the wind. They say it gusted to 54 mph! God is good and no tornado, just lots of wind! (I think maybe our west coast small earthquakes are easier to deal with. Even if you have no warnings that they're going to come).

It was amazingly cold on Tuesday morning when we were getting ready to get underway to Cocoa beach. (And we were thinking..this is Florida? We though Florida was warm!) The wind chill was 31 degrees, and we were in winter coats, hats, and gloves. The sewer hose (which is like a big "out of control slinky" on a good day) was not cooperating and the plastic was very stiff due to the cold temperatures. It took both of us to get it compressed and back in it's home. And it was one of those mornings where everything kinda went wrong. It wasn't supposed to be windy, yet it was.(It is no fun to drive an RV in the wind.) Miss Zoey got an upset stomach and needed to go out NOW, and there was no place to pull over 54' of Rv and vechicle. We finally found a large church parking lot (Thank you God for all those church's in the south!) and got Zoey some grass and a place to relieve herself. We missed a turn to get on the freeway. Had to make a second stop for Miss Zoey. But then things got better.

There was room for us at Patrick Air force base family camp. So we were thankful for that, and our friends Mike and Ellen were there to meet us, and had already scoped out a great camp site for us. Plus they invited us over for dinner! The day had definitely gotten better!

Wednesday Mike and Ellen were nice enough to take us out and show us all around Cocoa beach. Where to get tickets, where to eat, where to shop, where to go to the beach, the works! They even took us to the locks, and I got to see my first Manatee. They are a very shy mammal which likes the warm water, and our friends knew right where they hang out.

Spike has been to Cocoa beach when he was in the Navy and then again when he was a business agent for the shipyard. But this place was all new to me. All I knew about Cocoa beach was from watching "I dream of Jeannie" as a kid! So now I know lots more.

Thursday we went to get our tickets to the Kennedy Space center, went to the Nex for Frizz-ease,(a personal necessity for me and my bad hair) and the commissary. And we even got to go to "Ron Jon's Surf shop", which is open 24 hours a day in case you need a new bikini in the middle of the night, or a pair of flip flops. They have anything and everything that you might need for the beach. Boogie boards, beach chairs, drink holders, shorts & swim suits, Hawaiians print shirts, even beach themed Christmas ornaments, like: Santa on a dolphin! I loved the place, it was quirky and fun!

For those of you that have dogs, I learned an interesting tip while at the FMCA convention last summer. I went to a "traveling with your pet seminar", and the speaker was a dog breeder and she trains hunting dogs. She suggesting feeding your dog canned pumpkin if it has an upset stomach. She trains her dogs out in the woods and she said she can't afford to drop everything and run to the Vet which is 2 hours away, with a sick dog. So since Miss Zoey had "the runs", I got out the can of pumpkin and gave her some. She liked it and it settled her stomach right down. Maybe this would work for you too!

Tomorrow we are off to the Kennedy Space center, and Saturday we are on our way to Key West. We want to goon out and enjoy the scenery, so we will take two days to get there!

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