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I went to a one-man show at the MCC church in Fort Myers with my good friends, Chic & Marilyn after having a nice afternoon going to Bokeelia on Pine Island and having a meal at Captain Cons. There were many others from Carefree at the show, but most of them sat on the other side of the aisle, some in the front row.

David Mitchell calls himself "Scarbie" for the show and he does impersonations of famous actresses like Lily Tomlin and Carol Burnett. He lip syncs the songs but he is very good. He also interacts with the audience, finding out if anyone is of a different ethnicity, like Arab or Jewish or straight! He found a straight guy named Elijah and teased him about wearing a purple shirt and that he loved saying the name E-l-l-l-ijah because of the tongue activity! Then he needed a volunteer and went right for me! I reminded him of his sister with the short hair, plaid shirt, and jeans! He had fun calling me different names and making fun of my inability to flourish my hands while removing the placards he was going through, explaining to the audience what GLBT stands for. After getting over my fright, I enjoyed being up there and even responded to one of his comments. At which point she said "Honey, this is my show, not yours!" The audience loved it and I got lots of compliments from the Carefree attendees and soon was known throughout the resort!

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