Bob and Julie head South travel blog

A scene on Texas Hwy 71 between Austin and Houston

Approaching Houston on I-10

Houston....on a fast fly-by

East bound from Houston to Beaumont

The edge of the front we have been under for days. Blue...

Camped at Beaumont Walmart. Already a little warmer


Austin,TX to Beaumont, TX

Slow getting up this morning, probably because the new mattress was so comfy. No miracle cures for Julie’s back, but it is slowly getting better.

We got ready to head east. Had to get propane and spent a great deal of time attempting to upload an audiobook on my Ipod. After all of that, we finally were on the road by 11AM.

The route chosen by our trusty GPS had us on Texas Hwy 71 E which has a lot of traffic lights and lots of stop and go travel that kept things slow. We finally entered I-10 near Columbus, TX and could travel at a better pace.

We stopped in Sealy, TX for gas. I got stuck in a tight gas station parking lot and was getting ready to unhook the Toyota to get things sorted out (you cannot back up with a toad on a tow bar, four wheels on the ground.) Julie in the meantime had gone into the convenience store and found the driver of the vehicle that needed to move so we could get out. Saved a lot of aggravation.

After the fun we had in Sealy, we upped the ante by hitting Houston traffic. There is nothing Julie loves more than a ride through a big city riding with a maniac among maniacs. Actually, it wasn't really that bad. We hit Houston in the early afternoon and things went smoothly and at a good pace after that.

East of Houston towards Beaumont the country flattens out and you start seeing names like “Bayou” and references to “gators." Looking more like Louisiana than Texas.

We arrived at the edge of the cold front we have been under for four days as we entered Beaumont, TX. The first blue skies we have seen in awhile and the temperatures are in the high forties! A heat wave!

Parked in the Beaumont Walmart by 4:30P then headed over to the nearby Cracker Barrel for dinner. After dinner it was over to the Barnes and Noble to get online.

Drove 273 miles in 4.5 hours. Into the New Orleans area tomorrow. Julie is plotting ways to avoid the bigger cities along the way.

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