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Linga Longa

The Out House & Pete

Di meets a local

Di makes lots of friends

Sign on property

Convict depot ruins

Pete on lookout with 'Ron' sculpture

View from lookout

Governors Residence

Historic Barn

Pink Lake

Pete mining pink salt near the pink lake

Jenny & Di on a morning walk

Di & Pete on a morning walk

Kalbarri golf course - Pete putting

Kalbarri golf course - Jenny and Di (winner of golf ball)

Kalbarri golf course - Di & Pete

Pete tiling

Cactus flowers

It was a bit windy

We left Kalbarri and drove 63 Kilometres down the coast road to a Farmstay named Linga Longa. We heard good things about this place and just had to check it out, we were glad we did. It's situated 5 kilometres from Port Gregory and within a stones throw of the Pink Lake.

On the property there's ruins of a Convict Hiring Depot plus it's Governors residence (partly restored), mill and barn built around 1853, all are heritage listed. We walked to the ruins of the Convict Hiring Depot, they have done a great job preserving the ruins. We then walked up a sleep hill to the lookout where there's a sculpture of a man on a bike, it's in memory of 'Ron' who was a local identity. From the lookout we got a great view of the surrounding land, pink lake and ocean. We walked back along the hill side down to the old house which was the residence of the Governor, then onto the circular mill building and lastly to the barn which was so interesting to look through and the owners had lots of information on display. So much history.

On our first day at Linga Longa the property owners arrived back from Geraldton in their 4 seater plane. It was pretty spectacular watching as they flew in parallel to the mountain we had just walked down.

The farm runs cattle, sheep and has guineafowls and chooks, the chooks made us feel very welcome and started roosting under our van after we fed them.

Pete and I went for a drive along the side of the Hutt Lagoon - a lovely pink lake, we stopped by the pink lake where there was some pink salt, Pete went mining for salt with his hammer and now we have a bottle full of it. I don't think it's the same as Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. Beach sand in the area has a pink tinge which is due to fine grade garnet minerals in it. There's also a garnet mine in the area.

We went for some early morning walks with the owner 'Jenny' which were rather eventful. On the first one we walked to the beach, then came back a different way and decided to cross the Hutt River. We sent our scout 'Pete' across first to test the depth, we were ready with the camera in case it was too deep and he created a photo opportunity for us. It wasn't to bad but us girls had to take off our shorts and walked across in our nickers. Pete took a photo of me but it's not going in the trip journal as it looks like I had no nickers on at all as they were skin coloured (X rated)

The next walk we went on was in a different direction and there were some pretty good spots Jenny showed us right on the river bank which would make great camp spots, we joked about leaving her place and setting up camp along the river bank. We had to make another river crossing and this time when Pete was testing places to cross he got stuck and so Jenny and I had to pull him out of the river with a rope as he was stuck in mud and nearly went over. One of Jenny's dogs 'Bear' showed us an easy spot to cross but once again the shorts had to come off. (Pete left his on again)

It's snake season and we were very aware of that fact when walking along the tracks,there were many sticks on the path that looked like snakes. I was walking along happily when Jenny yelled out snake, I stopped and quickly moved away. Pete said it looked like a legless lizard that was dead as there were ants crawling all over it, well he touched it with a long stick and guess what, it was a snake and very much alive, luckily it took off in the opposite direction. That was very exiting and hopefully won't be repeated again.

We met another couple who we had happy hour with and really enjoyed their company. It's was so relaxing at Linga Longa, the name suites the place very well.

Pete heard the owner 'Greg' working on machinery at the back of the shearing shed so he went to investigate, well he spent the rest of the day helping Greg pulling down fences and moving about metal cattle yards, Pete loved it. He also got his hands dirty doing some tiling in the owners kitchen, he had to pull up slate tiles and reposition them, a difficult job requiring Pete's expertise and he did a great job which they truly appreciated and Pete thoroughly enjoyed doing.

One major highlight was Jenny inviting Pete and I to join her for a game of golf in Kalbarri, it was a mixed comp. We had to leave home at 5:30 am for 6:30 start. The three of us played together and had a great game together. It was a challenging course. I won a golf ball for nearest to the pin, I couldn't believe I beat everyone else including the men. I ended up with a special 'Kalbarri Golf Club' golf ball. That will definitely go on show in the caravan as its my first golf prize.

The wind really started blowing a gale during our stay and it was very strong, we had to roll up our awning. A lot of the trees on the property look like they have been blown over by the wind but they are still alive, just growing at a strange angle. Well we were told that the sea mist rolls in and burns the side of the tree facing the coast and as a result the foliage doesn't grow on that side and bend over due to the foliage growing on the other side. We thought it was the result of the strong winds they get here.

We left Linga Longa after five very enjoyable days.

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