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The sunshine and clear, blue sky was back today. That sure puts me in a better mood!

After our morning coffee was finished off, it was time for showers and getting dressed for the resort breakfast we were attending.

Our friends, Mike & Marian, were going along so we would feel more comfortable among all these strangers. They even made sure we had official nametags so people wouldn’t have to guess who we were. Marian had delivered these to us several days ago.

We drove around the block to Mike & Marian’s house to pick them up. We noticed right away that they were wearing their nametags.

Of course we forgot ours!

Maybe we could borrow theirs?

Everyone already knows them, and no one cares who we are, so it would make no difference. Right?

In any case, we arrived at the clubhouse where we joined the crowd of nice folks. Mike & Marian introduced us to lots of folks who were all wearing nametags.

People began laying out their table settings, plates, cups, forks, knives, napkins, etc.

Being good friends and knowing us pretty well, Marian brought that stuff for us too. That was a good thing because we had forgotten that we were supposed to bring anything to eat with.

The food was tasty and plentiful, the company was good, and everyone was friendly.

That was a fine way to begin the day for sure.

Later in the morning, I took pictures of our place and some around the resort, which I will share with you.

Mike & Marian picked us up to take us along to Mass.

We are glad to be getting back to church as we have not been attending on a regular basis, and we miss that.

After Mass, we asked our friends to stop by for some soup, cheese & crackers, and wine.

We enjoyed the meal outdoors in the courtyard and then sat beside the fireplace with dessert for some time, relaxed and enjoying the good company of these fine friends.

No doubt about it, Life is Good!

P.S. Today, my brother Bill would have been 73 years old. We celebrate his life every day by enjoying what gifts and blessings God has given us. What awesome memories we have of good times together! Bill was a great guy and we miss him every day.

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