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people mean nothing to this pair of cormorants

ready to go into a mangrove channel


fisher snagged a snook - delectible edible for some


very tall mangrove - love reflections

Mare makes it out of the channel!

Wilda floats out nicely

Bonnie doesn't miss much!

Great White Heron amongst a bunch of Willets

believe me now?

another look at my favorite wading bird

I spent my birthday afternoon in my kayak enjoying the sights and sounds of nature in Ding Darling Nature Preserve on Sanibel Island with Bonnie & Wilda & Mare and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I had a big breakfast with Chic & Marilyn first (part of it was a huge homemade cinnamon bun), a great fluffy doughnut at Bennett's, compliments of Mare, something to drink only for lunch (I was quite full, thank you!), then a birthday cake shake at the Sanibel Bean afterward, compliments of Bonnie & Wilda! Marilyn made a beef stew for dinner and all I could do was eat a child's size portion! But leftover stew is the best!

While there weren't a plethora of birds - it was high tide - I saw enough to get the falvor of Florida back in my bones! the two cormorants were perched on that small mangrove at the put in all day long! A few Ibis couldn't hide from me inside the mangroves - I spotted them. We also saw great blue and little blue herons flying. Of course there were Osprey and even a bald eagle soaring overhead. Oh - on the way over the bridge, there was a flock of wood swtorks flying overhead and that's a beautiful sight to see! They are ugly while landed, but their white bodies and black tips just do something in the sun! And, at the end of the day, when we found a small mangrove channel to explore, there was a lone Roseate Spoonbill amongst the mangroves! What fun this day was. I got a lot of birthday wishes all during the day and via social media too! Thank you all for being my friend!

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