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Big Tony's Pizza

Windy day here

Yummy Banana nut bread

Our mini fridge

Our new table & chairs

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I woke up at 7:15 and Jackie was gone on his walk so I just stayed in bed and enjoyed the peaceful morning. I'm learning to love those quiet moments before anyone is out honking car horns and slamming doors and walking their barking dogs.

I finally got up at 8:00am and started my day. That's when I realized how sore I was all over. Every joint in my body ached. I guess it was from all the unusual activity I had yesterday emptying the fridge and cleaning it top to bottom and then lifting and straining on putting the table and chairs together. I know my age couldn't have anything to do with it.

Jackie came in and I fixed oatmeal for our breakfast. It was so nice to have our breakfast at our new table. We both love it.

After breakfast Jackie went to shuffle and I started cleaning up the kitchen. In just a few minutes Jackie called and said they needed me to play to fill a court. So I left the dishes and went to have some fun. We had 12 people shuffling today counting me. We played 3 games and I won 2 and lost one I think.

After I got home I made a couple of loaves of banana nut bread and some more homemade soft butter. I'm so glad my niece Terri told me how to make the butter. We like it so much better than margarine.

By the time I finished that and cleaned the kitchen again I was pooped. So I took an hour or so to rest before Chuck & Sheila arrived.

They pulled in about 3:00. We walked over to their site and got hugs all around. It is so good to have them back in Florida again this winter. Jackie helped Chuck get their car unhooked and backed in while Sheila came over to our coach and we visited in air conditioned comfort. When the guys were through they came over too and we visited some more. When they left I sent one pan of the banana bread home with them.

Later we picked them up and went to Big Tony's for supper. They don't do just the slices for supper so we ordered a 14" pizza and it was more than the four of us could eat.

Now it's time for Survivor and the CMA Awards so I've got some TV watching to do.

Big plans for tomorrow so stay tuned.....

Until next time.....God Bless you all.....

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