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Having an RV Port does protect the RV from some of the weather, but we enjoy listening to the sound of rain on the roof.

None of that is to be heard here!

We shared our coffee sitting beside the fireplace outdoors this morning.

Then we began to feel the sprinkle of raindrops.

We hurried to put the cushions away, turned the fireplace off, and went indoors to have bacon, eggs, orange juice, and cranberry muffins for breakfast.

Richard, the guy who would wash and wax our RV arrived and started to work on the RV.

In spite of the mist in the air, that RV Port easily protected the RV and they had no problem getting most of the job done.

However, the rain, which was blowing in on one side of the RV, halted the waxing of that side. So, the crew will return next Tuesday to finish the job.

I must inform you that Marilyn’s passports (New and Old) are now in our hands. It was quite an involved ordeal that I won’t attempt to detail here, but suffice it to say that we are now happy campers.

We also now have the pictures of our granddaughter, Lauren, sent by our daughter nearly two weeks ago.

Marilyn spent much of our rainy afternoon, cleaning blinds and the inside of the RV windows.

I may have to fix dinner for her this evening, simply to soothe my feeling of guilt for not doing much today.

Tonight is “Survivor” night on TV, so that will probably be on our agenda.

Tomorrow we need to locate an ATM, since I am now down to $3 in cash, and I owe our friend Mike, more than that. Sigh…..

With that, I’ll just remind you that Life is Good!

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