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It is so nice to look forward to getting up each day.

It seems that we can hardly wait to get outdoors each morning, to sit beside the fireplace, sip our coffee, and talk about our day, or the future of our stay here in the Valley.

We did just that today, then went indoors to have some breakfast.

The few chores we did today, didn’t take long and we were soon relaxing with our books.

Sometimes you can almost feel the stress melting away and that is a good feeling for sure.

I did check our mail but we still have not received Marilyn’s passport or the pictures mailed to us by our daughter.

Maybe tomorrow.

We drove around the resort and saw a few friends. We stopped to chat with Greg for a few minutes, then drove to the resort next door where we visited with Bob & Janet, then Ginger, who was working, then Jesse.

We stopped at Mike & Marian’s for a moment then drove back home for some dinner.

Now we are ready to settle down, watch some of the election results, and go to bed.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow. We have planned to have the RV washed and waxed tomorrow also, so I guess Murphy’s law is at work there.

I wish you all a peaceful evening.

After all, Life is Good!

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