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One Mile Jetty and Train

Museum - Pete and Imogen in Austin Load Star

Carnarvon plantation - Humpty Dumpty

Museum - HSK Kormoran's Life Boat

Birthday meal for Susanne ( yum )

Eight days in Coral Bay took its toll on our food supplies so we needed to replenish the pantry. Our next port of call was to be Carnarvon. As we headed out of Coral Bay we saw a backpacker holding out a sign displaying Carnarvon, we both said 'why not' so we stopped and offered her a lift. There were two young man standing nearby farewelling the girl. Amazingly we had been chatting with one of them on the beach the previous day, he (Andrea) was happy it was us giving his friend a lift as it was her first time at hitching a ride.

Her name was Delvina and she came from France. She was a bit raw with English but we chatted with her as we traveled along. We dropped her off in Carnarvon and Pete gave her advice on hitching and told her to be careful.

On the outskirts of Carnarvon we stopped at a plantation and bought freshly picked corn, free range eggs and frozen mango (yum). The saying 'fresh is best' is absolutely correct as the corn was delicious.

We ended up staying in Carnarvon for three days along with our friends Susanne, Michael and girls. On our last trip in 2010 we visited lots of plantations and bought lots of beautiful fresh produce, these plantations are located on both sides of the Gascoyne River which looks like a dry river bed when in fact the water runs under the river bed and only has water flowing on top after rain, now thats a bit of trivia for you all. We took Susanne and the girls for a drive around the plantations but unfortunately only a couple were open to the public as its in between seasons. We headed back out to where we bought the corn the day before and they only had seconds left as everything had been sent off to market. There was nothing wrong with the corn but not good enough to sell, the lady told Pete to help himself so we all ended up with lots of corn for free. It was nice eating.

Carnarvon has a one mile jetty and there's a little train that travels back and forth along taking tourists. Out at the jetty we ran into the Italian backpacker from Coral Bay 'Andrea', what a small world. He joined us all as we walked along the jetty. When we reach the far end of the jetty Michael, Madeleine and Imogen jumped on the train for the ride back to the land. The rest of us walked the mile back, chatting away and getting some exercise.

Back on shore we visited a museum which had some very interesting items including a German lifeboat belonging to the HSK Kormoran, the life boat was made of steel and the bottom is now rusted out. The HSK Kormoran was involved in the sinking of HMAS Sydney (11) on 11 November 1941 off WA coast.

We celebrated Suzanne's birthday whilst in Carnarvon with a lovely meal and a great night of partying, no one came and told us to quieten down which was a bonus. It was a bit windy and the temperature was actually a little cool so we (females) ended up snuggling up under some blankets.

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