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Termite mound we decorated in 2007

Flowers on way to Coral Bay

Coral Bay Sunset

Di relaxing on beach

Pete on wind surfer

Di on wind surfer

Di at Coral Bay

Ta Ta lizard on our gear

The Car builders in action

Pete, Madeleine and Imogen with Car No 1

Feeding the fish

Pete feeds and pats the fish

Pete and Madeleine with Car No 2

Susanne driving and Di in dicky seat

Sharks Sanctuary with Reef sharks

Reef sharks close to the shoreline

Pete and Michael pretty close to the sharks

Di in Car No 3 - 'The Jeep'

After exiting Exmouth we cruised down the coast a bit to Coral Bay, on the way looking out for the termite mound we decorated in 2007 by adding a happy mouth and eyes. We found what we thought was ours looking a little bit weathered. It may not be ours but we took ownership anyway.

We are having such a great time and didn't think we would have that "wow" feeling again, well we forgot about Coral Bay and just how beautiful it was. There is just something special about the small coastal village which consists of two caravan parks, a few shops, backpackers hostel and a very new tavern. It's in a marine park and boy do the fish know it. This trip just seems to be getting better and better.

Our friend Nettie was also staying at Coral Bay and it was great to catch up with her and share our stories. We hit the beach with Nettie's inflatable wind ski and all had a lot of fun on it. There were fish swimming happily all around us. After our day on the water we enjoyed a drink at the beautiful new Coral Bay Tavern.

We did lots of sun baking, swimming and Pete enjoyed lots of snorkelling. Nettie once again continue on her journey and we were left to continue enjoying our paradise. All was going well until a couple in a caravan setup next to ours and the husband just kept whistling non stop, with some singing thrown in. It was unbelievably annoying. It must have been a habit and he just couldn't stop.

Our friends Susanne, Michael and girls arrived at our park and were placed on the site behind the whistling man, so not only did he annoy us but drove them crazy as well. We decided to extend our stay by another four days as we really love Coral Bay and thought we could tolerate Mr Whistler.

I was given a private cooking lesson from Susanne, teaching me how to cook green curry from scratch . We ended up eating a delicious meal and she made it look so easy. After dinner we were all sitting in the annex having a great time looking at photos, telling stories and laughing when a man appeared telling us it was 9:30 pm and to basically call it a night. It all happened so quickly and we weren't sure who the man was, we didn't think it was the whistling man but couldn't be 100% sure. Quiet time is from 10 pm so we could have told him to pull his head in but he got us by surprise and than disappeared. Well the party sure came to an abrupt end. We didn't let it get us down too much but realised we wouldn't be very good identifying someone in a police lineup.

We did lots of socialising spending hours together on the beach and surrounding coastline. Pete showed Madeleine and Imogen how to build a car in the sand. They ended up building a master piece and created a numberplate from their names 'PIM' The girls were then hooked and two other cars ended up being built on other days. The last one being a Jeep and I did lend a hand in its creation, it was a little beauty.

One day we saw a girl walking into the water and sea gulls were flying all about her, she was throwing food about for them, next she had fish all around her and then a big crowd of people out in the water with her and the fish. So the next day we decided to have our own fish feeding frenzy but not to draw a lot of attention to ourselves. We just dropped some fish food in the water and sure enough we had big fish all about us eating out of our hands, we could even touch them, they were not shy and it was fantastic.

We went for walk to a shark nursery sanctuary and saw lots of reef sharks swimming about, some very close to the shore. We thought they were baby sharks but were told be another tourist (in a bikini) that they were actually female sharks preparing to give birth. She also told us to stay out of the water as it would unsettle the sharks. I actually thought it was best to stay out of the water to avoid getting bitten. I've never seen so many sharks in the wild and up so close, it was pretty exciting.

Pete and Madeleine tried their luck at fishing whilst we relaxed on the beach. Pete ended up catching a couple of fish after using up a lot of bait. He went back in the night and caught a squid which tasted pretty good.

All in all we had eight glorious days staying in Coral Bay, we survived our annoying whistling neighbour and spent many memorable moments with our friends.

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