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We were so worn out after the stress of 13 days on the road, that we went to bed at 8:30 last night.

I slept a solid seven hours but it was still dark outdoors when I decided to get up for the day.

I lit the a fire in the fireplace in the courtyard and we sat together with our coffee, staring at the flames and listening to the tinkle of the water fountain beside our chairs.

The stars overhead were so bright that they appeared to be almost within reach.

We talked quietly about how much we are loving this, and talked a little bit about the chores we had planned for the day.

Marilyn mainly worked inside the RV, cleaning and doing laundry, while I worked outdoors.

We finally left the chores behind to get some other things done.

Come to think of it, those were more chores!

We found a place to get the car washed and they asked me to come back at 1:30 and they would get right on it.

We continued to the HEB PLUS grocery store and had soon accumulated a pile of groceries which cost us nearly $200.

That’s what we get for allowing the fridge and the cupboards to get nearly empty!

We barely had time to drive back home before I had to leave to take the car to be cleaned and washed.

By the time I arrived back at the house, it was nearly 2:30 and I realized that I had not eaten a thing all day.

No wonder I felt hungry!

I fixed a quick snack which helped a bit.

Marilyn was finishing her third load of laundry, and said that was enough for today. Both of us were tired again by this time, so we relaxed in the courtyard with the sound of that babbling fountain to sooth any stress which might remain.

We continually would remember some little chore that needed to be done, so we would get up, be gone for awhile, and then return to relax again. Then we would do that same routine again, and again.

Hopefully, we can get a bit more done tomorrow.

The truck gets washed and waxed tomorrow, after I finish unloading all the “stuff” that remains inside.

The RV will have it’s turn for washing and waxing on Wednesday.

Hopefully, that will be the last of our busy work for awhile and we can simply relax and enjoy this beautiful place.

I do have some pictures taken around the house we have rented for the next six months. Let me share them with you dear readers.

After seeing these pics, I think you will agree that Life is Good!

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