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Well I guess you are all hanging out wondering if the plumber turned up. OF COURSE NOT!!

When he hadn't materialised by 5.30 I decided he wasn't coming, surprise, surprise. Guess they're the same the world over. and it's a pity because it has cost me $70 to stay in the caravan park purely so that I could get this fixed.

Anyway, I got under and fixed it myself. didn't have much choice really, and should have had more confidence in myself from the start. I replaced the entire piece of hose, thereby removing the troublesome joiner and, voila! fixed!

So I leave Roma tomorrow with fond memories, heading for Surat where I should meet up with Ron who has already left Cairns and is heading this way. For those of you who don't know Ron, he was the house sitter who took over from me at Alison Cupitt's house when I had to have my hip replacement. He is a pensioner like me who just travels around the country, house sitting from time to time and just enjoying life.

Regarding SKYPE: if u have skype and want to skype me, when I stop for the day and provding I have internet service I will log on to skype and stay logged on until bedtime so if you want to have a yak, you know what to do. My skype name is susandavies89

love to all

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