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We had time to complete our chores this morning, before starting the adventures we had planned.

When we opened the blinds, we immediately noticed the fog which nearly blocked our vision of anything beyond five or six RV’s closest to us.

When I walked outdoors, I was greeted by the warm, sticky, humidity of the morning.

I saw Mike, all freshly showered, wearing clean, neatly pressed, clothing.

I immediately asked him to hold the sewer hose for me and he kindly agreed.

With the chores completed, I headed off to the shower myself, and soon looked and felt, nice and refreshed.

We heard from our friends, Ken & Jean, and waited for them to join us for the day’s adventure.

Shortly after Ken & Jean arrived and hugs were exchanged, we all left to drive to Suires for more Cajun food for lunch.

Along the way, we passed a modern day “Chain Gang” where prisoners were picking up trash along the highway.

We all enjoyed a wonderful lunch and made some purchases to take along when we left.

We stopped by the RV’s to leave some food items in the fridge, then climbed back into the cars for the drive to Avery Island, home of Tabasco.

Most of you loyal readers know that I have a reputation for taking friends to restaurants which turn out to be closed, when we arrive.

Today, it was entirely different when we headed for Avery Island.

I had the destination in my GPS as we had been there before, so we headed out with confidence.

Only four miles from our destination, there was a sign informing us that a bridge ahead was “Out” meaning that there really was no bridge at all, and we would have to go back and find another way around.

We eventually did that but my reputation was taking on a new dimension.

We all had a nice time once we arrived and toured the Tabasco factory.

We decided to go out for a simple dinner, mainly oysters, at a restaurant here in Abbeville.

We sure have enjoyed the food here in Cajun Country, but will be happy to reach our winter home in the Rio Grande Valley.

We’ll start heading in that direction tomorrow morning.

Life is Good!

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