Linda and Jerry on the Road to Albuquerque travel blog

After a nice lunch at the Bush Library we headed further east for a stop in Shreveport, Louisiana. This was an unexpected stop until a few days before. Let me explain.

One of my dearest friend's Emily lives in the Atlanta area. She suggested we stop to see her friend Cathy in Shreveport. Cathy and her husband Web had moved from Atlanta to Shreveport a couple of years ago for Cathy's new job, President and CEO of Chimp Haven, a home for over 200 chimpanzees living in retirement. Most are retired from invasive biomedical research under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health. A few were pets or in the entertainment industry. It opened not long ago in 2005.

Cathy generously offered the three Spoolstras, Jerry, Holly and Linda a night's rest away from highways and biways. Not only did we have a good night's rest at her home, she fixed a delicious dinner and we got to know one another over a few glasses of wine. It was a wonderful time. I'm sure Emily had figured out that we would get along!

Unfortunately Web was away out of state visiting a brother who has been ill. We'll have to meet him at a later date. To be accurate, we've met before but it was at a wedding which doesn't allow for really getting very well acquainted.

Day 3 of our trip home done!

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