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Today is our last day. We cycled to Agnes Water and had lunch there deciding on grilled fish and salad. We looked around the shops and then cycled back.

This afternoon we went out on the boat and David was surfing the waves with the boat. He said How are you and I said I am terrified. We got to the beach on the National Park side and enjoyed the beautiful sand for quite a while. We came out here just on high tide. The Lark, an amphibious vehicle taking people for rides was also on the beach, and then went on its way. It takes people all over the place exploring places they otherwise would not be able to reach.

I was not terrified on the way back and enjoyed the ride. David is adventurous but always does things as safely as possible. We wear life jackets and have all the safety equipment on board. We had to sail over the sand bars which are in some places very shallow, and then round the end to join the channel but because it is high tide we were able to make it safely over. We pulled the boat up the beach and some people who were sitting in chairs also came to our aid. We wheeled it back to the motor home and then proceeded to put everything away finishing after dark, getting ready to go tomorrow. Sad!!

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