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Today was an interesting day for us.

After a good night of sleep, we lingered in bed for awhile after waking up this morning.

The promise of coffee and a fine, sun-filled day, enticed us out of bed.

We sat in our lawn chairs, only a few feet away from the Mississippi River, sipping our coffee and watching the barges making their way up or down the river.

Speaking of barges, one of the interesting things which happened today was that a rogue barge managed to get away and headed down river, passing by our campground.

The loose barge was being chased by a tugboat. The boat caught the runaway barge right in front of the campground and we watched as a worker leaped from the moving boat, to the moving barge. They finally had things under control.

Later in the morning, we drove the car to the store but had to wait for 20 minutes or more at a Railroad crossing near the Campground.

After shopping and a stop to fuel the car, we headed back “home” only to be stopped once again at the same crossing. This time our wait was an hour and ten minutes.

Several cars finally tired of the wait and turned around, leaving just a minute or so before the train began moving, clearing the crossing.

We met several nice people here, some who know friends of ours.

One gentleman began telling me that he heard of a Mobile Suite which burned due to a wheel bearing, a couple of years ago.

He seemed shocked when I told him that it was us.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors next to the river again this afternoon, this time with a cold drink.

We spoke with friends on the phone today, and feel good that we will be seeing these good friends in a couple of days.

Tomorrow we plan to stay overnight in Byram, MS and to enjoy the BBQ at the “Tin Shed BBQ”. Sure hope they are open!!

No matter what, we are aware that Life is Good!

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