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new house for the Block family

big, long living room

big, long kitchen

great nephews and Allan

Triple Whipple Bridge in Aurora, IN

free mason gravesite, common in SE IN at least

a great pianist is buried here, where stone is shaped like one

barges going up the Ohio

found a different park in Madison

backyard garden with hibiscus still in bloom

Lori's skink named Sparky

view from observation deck in Clifty Falls State Park

the trail fords the creek!

sitting at a lookout memorial

big clifty falls is now 2 miles from the river

cake rock

little clifty falls

impressive place to walk

Sparky's new home - loves it!

eating lunch

It was an eventful trip from York, PA to Versailles, IN! I decided to take US 50 because i had taken it from Colorado to Indiana before and the road goes all the way to D.C. I figured that if I took it west from where it intersects with I-81, I could say I did that road. Wow, can I say "been there, done that" now! Going through WV was quite the challenge! The weather was rainy and sometimes foggy, the road was narrow most of the time with no shoulders, and it was windy and hilly - what a crooked roller coaster ride! And, to top it all off, while in the woods on a mountain, I heard a big BANG and didn't know what it meant and couldn't pull over to see if I had a blowout and there was a line of cars behind me! When I could pull over, I couldn't see anything wrong with the tires, so I thought I finally heard a gunshot from a hunter (never heard a gun go off like that before). I stayed at a Walmart in Clarksburg, WV that night and then discovered that I was out of the woods, and it wasn't so bad going through Ohio. I took the RV into a truck repair shop near my sister's house and discovered that I did have a blowout of the sidewall on the inside of the inside rear tire on the driver's side. Did I hit something? Was there a weak spot in the tire that just got tired of the twists and turns placed upon it?

I had a great visit with my sister and brother-in-law even though the weather wasn't so great most of the time. We went to see my niece's new house and had lunch there. My great nephews were out of school because of Fall Break, so I got to see them as well! They live about an hour away, north of Lawrenceburg, so it isn't easy to casually visit them.

My sister and I went on hikes and letterbox searches and she even learned something about Clifty Falls State Park in Madison that she didn't know before! Hiking there makes for sore muscles, as the trails are as rugged as described, with steep hills on rocky terrain.

Lori likes reptiles and has a pet gecko named Melvin and a pet skink named Sparky. Sparky was in a homemade cage at the bottom of a closet and one of the things we did was go to Petsmart to purchase a real reptile cage. Since skinks are ground crawlers, I suggested she buy the big cage that wasn't so tall and she liked that idea. The cage has a screen top and doors that open in front for easy access and cleaning. She likes it - we hope Sparky will too!

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