Ginny's Adventures 2014 travel blog

just one of the places along the letterboxing trail

the Shoe House outside of York

and a mini one ofr the dog!

ready to tour the Operations Center in York

Rita always wanted one of these!

this is my Trike!

We saw how they made fenders and painted them

frames are also made here

should be a model for everyone!

roasting coffee - how exciting (sic)

first floor of house sells American made goods

making dog treats from the garage

she makes soaps - used to be her hobby

teaching us about how it's done

different plant holders outside an old farmer's market

Turkey Hill ice cream! yum

Lots of letterboxes to be found in this area and I only had time to get about half of them! I lost my pocket camera in one of the parks and didn't find it when I retraced my steps - that really wore me out! I found a replacement on Ebay, won the bid, and had it sent to my sister's house in Indiana.

York is the factory tour capital of the world and we did our share of visiting them before the convention started. As you can see, we toured quite a few factories - we even went to Hershey! That has changed a lot since I was there last! We used to see chocolate being made, but now you sit in a seat of a ride showing a virtual tour of a chocolate factory.

The convention was fun and I saw quite a few people I know there - quite the change from the first convention I attended in Charlotte, SC in 2008! Ann from Canada was my partner for a fund-raising event called Scotch-Doubles Pool and we came in third for a prize of $20 each! It cost $15 to enter, so I actually won! Dana and I played cornhole and we won a few games but then got beat out. The winner of that tournament won the cornhole set we were using! And then there was a "Heads or Tails" competition where one buys beads beforehand. You place your hand on your head or your tail. The caller flips a coin and if your hand is on the upside of that flip, you stay in the game. If not, you give up a string of beads. The winner is the one person left with beads, so quantity is very good. The prize was $700 if I remember right!!

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