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Ibiza old port

Looking through old town to the church at top of Vila Dalta

Street lamps beside the wall

the ramp through the walls

alcoves for the buskers

the entry way

back alley - cat

back alley - old fount

hand prints on the wall

interested party

hand imprints


cathedral at the top

championship racing

view from the top

buildings next to very good ice cream shop


hello sailor

Es Vedranell and Es Vedra

i made it

scary close up

one in colour

Now the guests have slowed down their rate of descent upon Pumpkin, we are getting some time over the weekends to do our own thing when not on watch that it.

I took the opportunity to walk around town here in Ibiza and today I took the full ride on my push bike that had mild interference from a flat tyre last time I took it out of the hole for a spin. I really don’t think that after 6 months of no action it should find the only piece of fine metal thread on the road 10k’s from home boat and be attracted to it!

I took a walk around town here and did a short photographic story of the Vila Dalta up behind the fortifications. Unless there is a breeze blowing it is intensely hot among the narrow passageways and on this particular day there was the Ibiza World Championship boat racing – a thrill to see from the top of the fort.

Today I set off with great intent to do the short trip from the old harbour here in Ibiza around to some rocks that remind me of the Faglioni rocks off Capri and which we never quite got to in the ever busy summer schedule here. The rocks are called Es Vedranell, which stands at 127m and Es Vedra at over 380m high, the islands are in a reserve which is due to not only the goat population but their endemic botanicals, lizards and their colonies of Eleonora’s Falcon. As I mentioned above, I had tried to get to the point where you can see the islands up close a few weeks ago but 10ks into the 24k ride I got a puncture which meant a long walk back – after managing a visit to the bike shop, I left this morning armed with spare tubes, tyre levers and repair kit weighing me down so no likelihood of getting a puncture today...the first part of the ride is through the very organised geometrically arranged streets of old Ibiza until you pop out into the outer rim of civilisation and you realise that these people have been living off the land and sea for a very long time and the dependency on tourism is still only a selective and new thing. The land is covered in fruit or nut trees of varying types and the soil has been prepared for the winter. Bougainvillea vines line the roads but are starting to look slightly faded and jaded with only the odd petal retaining its vibrancy.

Who would have thought that the island had so many hills – it may have been 24 kms as the Eleonora Falcon flew but I am sure if you take into account the ups and downs and side swerves I did a good 50kms on the way there – but what a view... I didn’t hear any Falcon’s but the sign at the gate were it says private property please speak slowly must only have been for the foreigners – the Spanish on the other hand can talk and argue at the top of their voice. I should have realised when the sign was only in English....

After the hilly and hairpin bends of the last 10kms the dusty gravel track must have been arranged to deter those pesky foreigners – it was a slight deterrent but this ride was a long time in the making and half a kilometre of slippery, rolling, unattached, mismatched gravel and dust wasn’t going to stop me today.

well am off to find some deep heat for my aching legs - until next time...

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