New Mexico Trek 2014 travel blog

The trip from Shreveport to Meridian was uneventful. We were glad we had not attempted to travel yesterday – weather today was perfect! We were in camp in Meridian by 2:30 or so. Jean proposed that we take in a movie to relax, so we drove to a nearby complex to see “The Judge” with Robert Duvall and Robert Downey, Jr. Three of us thought it was very good – great acting. One of us was less impressed. I’ll let you figure it out!

We have decided not to stop in the Atlanta area as we originally planned. For one thing, the pickings are slim on campground sites. For another, we just want to get through Atlanta after morning rush and before afternoon traffic – that leaves a window of about 30 minutes, I think. Once we get through Atlanta it should be smooth sailing…..

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