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It’s MONDAY, not FRIDAY, the 13th. But Truckasaurus would not start this am. Dave came over to say there was a severe weather (thunderstorm) warning and that we should probably get hitched pronto before we had to do it in a downpour. Mark tried to start the truck. It would attempt to start, but the engine never quite caught. Jean and I made for the office under her umbrella to tell them we needed another night (hopefully only one more night!). I called the Good Sam Emergency Road Service and within an hour or so the tow truck arrived to haul the truck to Wray Ford nearby. I also called Wray Ford to give them a head’s up that the truck would be on their doorstep sometime that day. As soon as they got the truck they started working on it. Seems we had a problem with the fuel injection system. The service manager told Mark that diesel fuel was crap – especially in the South where some sort of soybean derivative is added. He recommended using a fuel additive to help prevent further problems. The truck was ready that afternoon….running like new.

Meanwhile we had some serious downpours, winds, thunder & lightning. We later found out Monroe, LA had a tornado touch down. We would drive right through Monroe the next day. So in the “Count Your Blessings” department we were grateful the truck broke down while we were safe in camp. We were glad it broke down on a day when we really didn’t need to be out on the highways. And we’re really glad Wray Ford fixed it so quickly!

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