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Visiting with Dave and Jeanette Lay

This morning Mark started the truck and backed it into position for hitching – then shut it down. We finished preparing the trailer for travel. I got into the truck, started it, and it sounded really bad – as though it could barely keep running. Black smoke poured out of the tail pipe. We let it run a bit and it settled down – hitched up the trailer and started for the frontage road bordering the main highway. The truck was running really rough. We decided to head back to the campground before we were stranded on the road. By the time we made it back, the truck had settled down and seemed okay. We unhitched the trailer so Mark could take the truck out on the highway for a test drive. He came back a few minutes later, said it was running fine. We hitched up again, relying on Miss Garmin to get us through the maze of highways that comprise the Ft.Worth/Dallas area. We ended up on the scenic route north of the area, then practically through downtown – driving past the Cotton Bowl where, by the heavy traffic, there was obviously going to be a ball game that day! All we had to do was look at the map to see the easiest, most direct route to I-20, but we still haven’t learned not to rely completely on Garmin!

The Beltons had arrived the day before at the Barksdale FamCamp. The campground doesn’t take reservations so Dave was in the office bright and early to get a spot for us – right next door. We made it in around 3:30 – the Beltons were not in camp; they were visiting Dave’s sister and brother-in-law. We called Dave and Jeanette Lay to let them know we had arrived. Dave Lay generously offered to come get us – I guess we sounded a little frazzled by this time.

We had a wonderful visit with the Lays and two good friends of theirs. Jeanette, as usual, had lots of great food and sent us all home with goody bags. It was a short visit because by 9 pm I was ready to call it a night. Dave took us back to the campground. The Beltons were back in camp but no lights in their trailer – we’ll see them in the morning when we depart for Meridian, MS.

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