Di and Pete's 2014 Oz Adventure travel blog

Route we traveled to escape the heat

Tree at a rest area

Bullara Homestead Station - shower block

Bullara Homestead Station - FB Holden

Bullara Homestead Station - Pete with skull

Bullara Homestead Station - stallion wanting his girlfriend

Cape Range NP - Di noodling

Cape Range NP - Pete off snorkelling

Cape Range NP - Pete at Torquise Bay

Cape Range NP - Beach boy

Cape Range NP - Yardie Creek Gorge

Cape Range NP - Yardie Creek

Cape Range NP - flowers in the wild

Cape Range NP - flowers in the wild

Exmouth Cvan Pk - local Emu

Exmouth Caravan Park - broken water pipe near our site

Exmouth - Imogen, Pete & Madeleine fishing for squid

Exmouth - Susanne & Madeleine fishing

Exmouth - Mother with her two chicks

After leaving De Grey River rest area we decided we needed to get out of the heat so over the next couple of days we covered a lot of distance, calling in at South Hedland for supplies and then Karratha for fuel. We camped one night at Robe River rest area and then the next night at Bullara Station Stay which is 86 kilometres south of Exmouth. That was a great spot with a rustic shower shed, animals roaming around the camp, interesting things to look at including a rusted out car and animal skulls. We could have spent a few days there but really just wanted to get to the coast and cool down.

We decided we'd go straight to Cape Range National Park and hopefully be able to get a camp site. The school holidays just finished so we thought there would be spots. We had to take everything we would need as there's no water there apart from the sea. The camp grounds only have drop toilets and nothing else and its a long drive back into Exmouth. We met a couple whilst filling our bottles with water and they were the hosts at Osprey camp, they'd come in to Exmouth to restock their water and food (160 kilometres round trip). They told us Osprey was the best camp with water views from the camp sites.

We headed to the National Park and at the Entry Gate were told Osprey had only one spot left so we took it, we were not disappointed as it was a great spot in the non-generator area and we looked right over the ocean. The temperature was a lovely 33 degrees and there was a gentle breeze blowing so we were very happy campers. The sea was so beautiful and Pete was able to go snorkelling whilst I went noodling. We both went for lots of swims and walks along the beaches as well as exploring the other camp sites and beaches. Pete tried his luck at fishing but had no luck, he said that if he'd been able to use his hand spear he would have caught heaps. It's a marine park with very strict rules, only fishing from the beach in certain areas.

The camp area further down the coast was Yardie Creek and there was a lovely Gorge with flowing water to explore. We didn't take our walking shoes but set off anyway to do the gorge walk in thongs, however Pete's thong gave up the ghost so we had to turn back, we repaired it temporarily with some vines (bush craft) just to get back to the ute. Another day we headed up the coast stopping at most of the camps and day use only spots.

Torquise Bay is a favourite spot for visitors and it was just beautiful, lovely sandy beach and the water was so inviting, we acted just like the other tourists and went swimming and sun baking. Oh what a life.

We saw a few emus with chicks walking near the road but by the time the camera came out they'd headed into the bushes. We kept extending our stay at Osprey and ended up staying four days, I didn't want to leave as it was most enjoyable.

We called into Exmouth to get supplies and decided to say the night and do a bit more fishing. The caravan park prices have dropped from $48 a day down to $32 since the end of the school holidays, they really know how to charge in peak season. Our timing couldn't have been better and we ended up staying four days and only had to pay for three. (a real bargain)

At the caravan park we ran into a family we met at Barn Hill Station and spent time together fishing, swimming and socialising. We lost lots of lures, hooks and bait. I caught a fish and Pete threw it back as it was too small, the poor fish didn't swim and floated on its side, Pete then had to try and get it out of the water. That was the end of that days fishing outing.

On our last night in Exmouth Pete took Susanne, Michael, Madeleine and Imogine fishing whilst I worked on this trip journal. They came home with some fish and all seemed to enjoy themselves. The girls all caught a fish.

There are emus that walk through the caravan park each day and one came very close to our caravan whilst I was doing some washing. I tried to take that perfect photo shot whilst not getting to close but didn't have success. We also saw another family with chicks, they look cute. Emus are very common place around Exmouth.

We really enjoyed our stay in Exmouth and the company of our friends.

"Stop Press"

We extended our stay another day, Pete & I spent the day trying to catch squid or anything that wanted to jump on to our lines. We ended up seeing a large shark at our fishing spot three times but unfortunately didn't have any luck fishing. The other fisher people were catching squid when we arrived but then none. All we got was a bit sun burnt for our trouble. Luckily Exmouth has a good seafood shop so we ended up with some local squid and prawns. We joined Susanne, Michael and the girls for dinner. We pooled our catch (frozen and fresh) and Michael created a master chef meal which we all enjoyed very much. We had another very entertaining night and hopefully will cross paths with them all again in our travels.

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