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This day began with lots of optimism for us. Still a few chores to get done but things looked goof for getting nearly everything ready to leave on Sunday morning.

I walked to work and led a tour of 18 visitors through the Mark Twain Cave.

I then walked back home and drove the truck to Palmyra to meet Marilyn and Lauren at Wendy’s for some lunch.

The truck was loaded with items we store at Steve & Jen’s home, but will take to Colorado in the summer.

We retrieved the bikes, the bike seats, and the bike rack, and began the drive back to Hannibal.

Lauren wanted to ride with me, in the truck, so we did that.

As soon as we left Palmyra, I smelled an odor like brake fluid on the exhaust. I also noticed the truck pulling to the right when I took my hand off the steering wheel.

I decided to pull over and investigate the odor.

As I applied the brakes, the truck pulled to the left.

The odor was strong outside but I could find no evidence of what might be causing it.

I worried all the way back to the RV, dropped Lauren off, then drove directly to the local Ford Dealer.

Ten minutes later we were test driving the truck and the mechanic verified the problem before we were even back on the highway.

He suggested that it might be a stuck caliper on the right front brake. That turned out to be correct.

The truck is more than eight years old and has more than 77,000 miles on it, most of that towing the fifth wheel, so it is time for a complete brake job.

They also discovered a leaking seal in the rear axle. The odor was from the leaking lubricant spraying on the hot exhaust.

OK, let’s fix that too!

Parts are ordered and should be delivered tomorrow morning, and the truck should be repaired and “Good to Go” around 3:00 in the afternoon.

All I have to do is pay a measly $1800 and all will be well.

Except for my rapidly dwindling funds in the bank, that is.

We do hope to be able to attend a Halloween event at Indian Creek Campground with the grandkids tomorrow evening.

Then we sure hope to be on the road on Sunday morning.

Life is Good!

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