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Gouffre de Padirac - had to climb down all those stairs into...

taking a boat on the underground river of Gouffre de Padirac

Collanges-la-Rouge - un plus beaux villages



Canoeing the Dordogne

Roque de Gageac seen from the river

Side trip for lunch at Roque de Gageac off the canoes

Domme (city) on top of the mountain

Such tough paddleing!

Chateau Beynac behind us

Sorry for the lack of photos; I'll have to wait a week before I am allowed to post more on this site.

Mary, Dave, Heidi, and Juan left today (Wed, 15th) to go home and it is eerily quiet. Bob and Kerwin took them to an early train from Perigueux, and we had a quiet morning catching up on blogs, pictures, sleeping, etc.

This afternoon, we went to the nearby town of Sorges, famous for it's truffle museum, which we dutifully visited and then took the "Sentier des Truffieres" (Truffle walk), which led us through the truffle forests and a few small hamlets. Very pleasant.

Thursday, we went to the Gouffre de Padirac - google it to see the images; we were not allowed to take photos, but basically, you descend 103 metres to an underground cave and underground river where you board small boats to go on the river, viewing stalagtites and stalmites - the biggest of the world. Incredibly beautiful and very different from any cave we have ever seen..

We had a wonderful lunch after in a small Auberge not far from the caves, then we traveled up to one of les beaux villages de France "the most beautiful villages of France" (this one actually started the movement), of Collonges-la-Rouge. Very beautiful with its red stone buildings from medieval times. It poured on us as we ducked into a cafe and tried to wait it out with a coffee.

Friday, 17th, we had a quiet quiet day; Bob and I took a long walk in the afternoon, and unfortunately, Margaret and Kerwin spent a miserable day on their bike because the bikes "suck" (their words), they went a longer way they wanted, and every place they tried to visit was closed. We haven't figured out all the store closures on random days/times.

Evenings are spent cooking, playing cribbage, golf (cards), or an occasional round of hearts.

Saturday - WOW, what a fun day. Fabulous, warm weather, we drove back south to the Dordogne river, rented two canoes and spent 5 wonderful hours lazily floating the river with a stop in la Roque Gageac for lunch and a stroll. Absolutely fantastic. We put in our canoes at Vitrac, floated 15 km, and took out just past Beynac.

Finished the day visiting another "beaux villages" of Domme - high on the hill above the Dordogne. Had a quick refreshing beer before heading home.

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