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I wasn’t scheduled for a tour until 1:30 this afternoon, so I gave Marilyn some extra time for herself and drove to Palmyra to pick up Lauren.

I had to wait about 10 minutes , for Jennifer and Lauren, so I went into the grocery store and bought several donuts, one for Lauren, one for Jennifer, and one for me.

When I arrived back at the Campground, I remembered to stop at the camp-store, called “Smallmart”, to pick up a bag of ice for Marilyn.

I needed to fill one of our 40# propane bottles, so Lauren rode with me and we took care of that little chore.

With the propane bottle filled and re-installed in the tray, I then took care of getting some things loaded in the truck, which we will take to Steve & Jennifer’s house tomorrow when we go to pick up the bicycles and the bike rack.

Lauren watched as I lubricated the slides and the jacks, landing gear, etc, on the RV.

Next was the air compressor work, so I aired the tires on the truck, car and RV.

I almost forgot about the air ride system but remembered about the time Lauren went off to take a nap.

Not wanting to disturb our little “Sleeping Beauty”, I waited until she woke from her nap to complete the “air” work.

I also printed out the checklist we made for towing the car and we are now nearly complete with our pre-travel preparations.

I had a phone call from a young lady who works at the Cave, informing me that I didn’t need to lead any tours today, as they have enough guides to handle the work load. Great!!

Marilyn had prepared a delicious potato soup for our lunch today, then drove to Palmyra and back to drop Lauren off.

When she returned to the RV she fixed some dinner and we were ready for some quiet time, relaxing with a DVD movie.

We have a couple of busy days ahead but plan to be “On the Road Again” on Sunday, as we travel to the Coachlight RV Park near Carthage, MO.

Life is Good!

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