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My sister had surgery August the 3rd. Her sons were with her until I could get there. I left Maggie Valley, NC and 3 days later and 1400 miles I was in Woodland Park, CO. She had problems with the first surgery and had a second surgery on the 23rd. Things went better after the second surgery. After she got out of the hospital, it was a trip back to the hospital 3 times a week to get the bandages changed and the wound vac looked at. Then we walked a time or two most days.

It was really nice while I was there other than the night it snowed. Thankfully, it was gone by 10 the next morning.

We were able to take her back to Wichita, KS September 15th. Then I rode the bus back to Colorado on the September 17th. I got my trailer ready to go on the 18th and left the campground about 2 pm to go back to Wichita. Arrived at my cousins in Clearwater, KS about 2 pm where I left my trailer out on the farm. And then moved in with my sister.

When in Wichita we continued going to the Doctor 3 times a week, walking once or twice a day, etc.

We were able to visit with my cousins in Clearwater and with my cousins in Mulvane.

I never got any pictures while in Colorado or Kansas.

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