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We survived yesterday! I woke up thinking I have something crawling on me! Got up was having coffee and Bob said there is a ant on him. Guess what, we were invaded with ants around the bedroom floor and ceiling, then we found them everywhere!!! So thought we parked on a ant hill. We moved to another spot and made a few phone calls for ant spray Not so this is very common for Mississippi they tell us. We were told to go to the Dollar General down the road....pick up Comet and some ant spray. Sprinkle the Comet around the trailer and the jacks. I sprayed every corner,floor etc in the trailer. It seems to have stopped them. The caretaker came by and sprayed he said this is a big problem as they are sugar ants and live in the trees. So we are watching out for any signs of them coming back in force, were ready with our spray!!!

We had a big weather event down here in the South! Around mid afternoon the skies clouded up, winds picked up! It was humid too! Then the warnings on the phone started then the TV. Tornado watch (which means it could bring heavy,hail,winds,flooding,lighting)make sure you stay away from windows seek shelter!! Ok what county are we in? Find out,got it! It's getting darker so about 5:30 things start happening, looking at radar we looked like our area was sorta in the middle of the split of the storm area. So then the lighting starts it was sheet lighting. We have never seen anything like this. It was daylight it lasted at least 2 hrs. Not to much thunder either we had a couple ones over the trailer. Hoping we did not have to take shelter in the camp restrooms. We just turned off all the lights and sat in the trailer and watch this fantastic light show along with a few downpours! Hoping this was going to be ok! By 9:00 pm it was over, you could see the lightning moving farther away with storm.

Hoping today we get our cards in the mail but I am sure it will be on Wed. Weather reports here say it is clear skies for a week! Good News

So that is our big excitement actually we slept great last nite it is so quiet here even with ants planning their next attack on the trailer, LOL

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