We are loving all the fall colors in Michigan...


Terry was happy to see Betty too....

Us with Terry.

Last one!

We picked up Betty this morning and made a special trip to visit one of our very best friends, Terry Wineman. We have not seen him for over six years. He was so happy and surprised to see us. We all had a great time talking and catching up on all the happening since we saw him. He was surprised to see us but was really shocked to see Betty with us too. :-) They go back a long way too.

I am adding a few pictures of our visit with Terry and a few more pictures that didn’t make earlier updates. We will be leaving in the morning and heading to Indiana. Betty will be going with us for the next few weeks, we are looking forward to showing her the Amish area of Indiana before heading to Branson, Missouri. We can’t wait to take her to some of our favorite places in Branson.

We may be without WiFi over the next few days of travel. If so, I will catch up when we arrive in Branson. Check back later for more.

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