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We spent last night in Flagstaff, Arizona @ Black Barts RV Park. Quite a quirky place. It is right by the Truck stop, and has a steak house too (called Black Barts steakhouse, of course). I went down and checked it out and the prices were pretty high. So we had spaghetti for dinner instead, in celebration of making it through the "spaghetti bowl" in Las Vegas that morning without a mishap. (Everyone was still asleep when we went through, I think.)

Last night it was supposed to be 34 degrees. The heat pump came on many times and it was chilly this morning. We got out the long pants and jackets for today!

Tonight we are in Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico staying at the Sky city RV park. It is on the Indian reservation, and has a hotel and a casino attached to it. Kind of a surprise in the middle nowhere. They said it is a good thing we weren't here yesterday, as the wind was so bad no one could navigate or even stand up in it. And they were totally full at the RV park. We did have wind yesterday but not that bad! We thank God for his protection over our route and our schedule.

We saw some remnants of the old Route 66 today. I guess I-40 has replaced the old Route 66. Not very many rest areas on this route, (Yesterday or today) like we have back home. I guess people here have stronger kidneys than us Washingtonians, so we have had to make our own rest stops.

FYI: good news if you are a Dish customer and have a dish receiver in your RV. When you are traveling they will change your local channels for you, every day, for free. I call them every afternoon when we stop and give them my current zip code and they set me up with the local channels, It takes about 10 minutes to click in.

Anyway tomorrow we are underway again and will finish going through New Mexico.

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