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Climb up Vesuvius

At the Vesuvius crater


More Pompei

A tired Tom on way home

Who says that holidays are relaxing! Left the apartment at 6.30am and we would not return home until 10pm! In between another great day again from Rome to the Vesuvius volcano and then walking through the nearly intact ruins of Pompeii.

Great commentary was provided by the 2 tour guides during the 3 hours bus trip to the Vesuvius with 'Kevin Costner' as our bus driver. Very important to have an experienced bus driver behind the wheel considering the many curves going up the Vesuvius and the driving 'style' of the Naples drivers!

We had great sunny weather again, which resulted in fantastic views on top of the Vesuvius. We arrived there after an approximately 30 minute walk and had great views of the crater (smoke was still coming out) and Naples on the other side.

After a nice pizza lunch , we then had a guided tour through Pompeii. This was very impressive as well with many of the buildings and facilities remained intact after the volcanic eruption in 79 AD (excavation began in 1700's).

Due to the long queues, our local tour guide decided against going to the 'red-light district' where paintings in the relevant houses made it quite clear what kind of 'services' were provided to the visiting men there.

The encased bodies of some of the victims was very confronting. They were "frozen" in time in the position they would have been in as they faced the molten ash burying them alive.

Alien had been to Pompeii on her Contiki tour 33 years previously. It certainly did not leave the impression then that it did this time. Appreciation definitely comes with age.

A very worthwhile tour again and after our return we had stumbled across Hungry Jacks close to the drop off point before returning via metro home. Can Rome get any better than this?

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