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Barn Hill Station campsite

Barn Hill - view from our campsite

Barn Hill - relaxing on the sand

Sunset at Barn Hill

Di and Nettie enjoying the Sunset

Pete - this place affects everyone

Barn Hill - Football Grand Finals

Pete and his catch - Bluebone

Pete's Bluebone - getting ready for dinner

Pete at his fishing spot

Fishing spot at low tide, very rocky

Pete lending a helping hand to fellow campers

Looking along the beach

Rock formations along Barn Hill's shoreline

Exploring the rocky shoreline

Superman holding up the cliff

From Broome we headed south down the coast to Barn Hill station. We had good and bad memories of Barn Hill from our 2010 trip, it's located right on the coast, the scenery is to die for and walking along the beach looking at the ocean and the red cliffs and rock formations was spectacular. It was here in 2010 our small dog Jaz got attacked by the stations dog 'Rosie'. Rosie wasn't a nice dog at all. Anyway she has since died so I didn't have to face her.

Barn Hill Station was still the same, very rustic amenities with open air showers and toilets (no roofs) but that's not what we came here for. The beach was still just as we remembered and we spent time each day walking along it, swimming and Pete even wet the line.

He went out one day with his fishing gear and returned very soon after, when I saw him returning I thought the worst and expected to see blood dripping off some part of his body but alas I was wrong, he'd caught a beautiful looking fish called a Blue Bone. Pete was very happy and was showing fellow campers. We were later told when you catch one you don't tell anyone and definitely don't tell where you were fishing as its the prized fish of the area. Later that day when the tide was out Pete showed me exactly where he caught the fish and its a wonder he caught anything as there were rocks all around him, he's a good fisherman. That night Pete baked it on the BBQ and invited over some fellow campers (Lorraine & Dave) to share it with us. It tasted great and we had a good night.

It was the Rugby League Grand Finals during our stay and so Pete took our TV over the a covered common area and the boys worked together to get the signal, luckily they had success and so a group of us gathered together and watched the Grand Finals. It was a good social gathering watching the Rabbits win.

We met a lot of really lovely people whilst at Barn Hill Station and did a lot more socialising then at any other camp ground. Most people are going in the same direction as us so we may see some again.

Barn Hill Station closes for the season at the end of October but have already started winding things down. I feel they should be open for business with full facilities until they close the gate for the season and whilst they have paying guest. Lots of campers feel the same way but everyone still thinks its an absolutely beautiful place. I guess the owners know they have a winner here and that people will keep coming back again and again without them putting any money into improving the place. We extended our stay several times ending up staying six days and were tempted to stay longer. There's just something special about the red cliffs and wonderful rock formations along the beach and coastline.

I got bitten by something during our stay and came out in massive welts that ended up turning into bruises after several days, someone suggested the bites could be from a spider. I was trying so many potions but the bites didn't stop me going swimming and enjoying our stay. Our friend Nettie left before us and we hope to run into her again down the road somewhere, we have spent a couple of very enjoyable weeks together.

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