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Broome - Di & Pete at Roebuck Beach

Broome - sunset at Cable Beach

Broome - rocky shoreline

Broome - spectacular rocky shoreline

Pete up close to the snake

Broome caravan park pool

After leaving Derby we headed straight to Broome calling in at the caravan park where Sue (in the fifth wheeler) was staying on the outskirts of Broome. It was great to see her and her dogs Henry and Milly. She'd been to visit the little abandoned dogs at their foster home and they had settled in very well.

We booked into a caravan park at Cable Beach and setup camp. We showed Nettie some of the sites including driving onto Cable Beach, watching the sunset over Cable Beach, exploring other Broome beaches. It was lovely walking on sand again instead of dirt and paddling in crystal clear ocean water. We visited a beach with incredible red rock formations, Pete went in for a swim whilst we watched on, he wasn't swimming alone as there were three little kids, a man and two dogs. I kept a look out for stingers and sharks.

We also hit the shops but I didn't end up buying any pearls. We enjoyed our short stay, the caravan park was very large and was about a third full, it was great. I got lost finding the pool but when I finally found it I was very impressed as it was large with a waterfall. I took my noodle and entered the waterl, I even went to the end where no one was swimming. My relaxing swim lasted five minutes if that before all these kids over took the pool, bombing me, balls being hurled around my head and kids not giving a dam about the old lady on her noodle. I took my noodle, got out of the pool and went home. Spit the dummy well and truly. It's school holidays over here. I really appreciated the Derby's caravan parks 'no kids' policy.

We went to one of the shopping centres and Pete found himself with a Olive Python over three metres in length wrapped around him, he loved it. He even talked Nettie into facing her fear of snakes and allowing the python to wrap around her upper body. She is now happy she did it. Pete knew better than trying to get me in on the act, however I did touch one of the snakes briefly when the snake handler was holding it. He was there in an effort to increase snake awareness and take some of the fear away from them.

Before leaving Broome we found out that the two little abandoned dogs were going to Karatha by plane to be fostered before hopefully being placed in new homes. Apparently Broome has a big problem with excessive numbers of abandoned dogs and they thought the little ones would have a better chance in Karatha, being small dogs increases their chances of someone wanting them. They had a second vet check and he said they are both aged 6 - 12 months old, the white one looked a lot older when we first saw him. They looked like they had mange but they got the all clear, they were in such a bad way due to neglect and all the ticks, so they should make a good recovery. A second chance in life for two lovely little dogs we hope.

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