2014 Cross Country 2 travel blog

Power Plant stack eclipse - The two stacks lined up perfectly for...

Here it is! Jack Rabbit Trading Post on old Route 66

Twin Arrows Trading Post another relic of Route 66 - Seen in...

Patriot 5th wheel

Long downhill run on I-17 leads to a runaway truck ramp

View along I-17

Still some color from wildflowers along I-17

Winnie resting at the Sunrise Rest Stop on I-17

Driving into saguaro country north of Phoenix

Gila Bend, AZ - Home of 1700 friendly people and 5 crabs

Winnie at Augie's Quail Trail RV Park in Gila Bend

Cirrus clouds at sunset

Sunset in Gila Bend

Today was spent almost entirely on I-40 and I-17 to make up some time for our delay in ABQ. When we stopped for gas this morning, I noticed that the exhaust pipe extension was loose. It doesn't appear broken, but loose at the last joint. I ma have to replace the clamp. Another casualty of the puddle from yesterday. We made a stop at the Phoenix Camping World to get that sewer extension so I could hook everything up again when we stopped tonight. No more leaking gray water tank. It was a pretty smooth trip except for a couple of long hill climbs on I-17. We ended the day in Gila Bend, AZ at Augie's Quail Trail RV Park. It's pretty empty. Not sure if it fills with snow birds in a month or so. There really not much around that I can see from here. We're right across the street from a Calgon Carbon activated carbon recovery plant and down the street from a gas turbine electric generating station. What the place lacks in vistas, it made up for it with sunsets as you can see from the pictures posted. I was also surprised that there were so many mosquitos. When I took the sunset pictures, I was nearly carried away. I didn't know mosquitos were in the desert. I guess you learn something new every day. Stay tuned for more bits of information.

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