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Early morning at the airport

Air France was not even open

Full size ancient airplane

Complete with aeronaut


Adue France



Good-by Europe


Home to Detriot

We were up before dawn and headed right to the Hertz rental return. Then we walked to the terminal and waited for the Air France counter to open. We had obviously come too soon! Security was ordinary for this domestic flight to Amsterdam. Soon we were airborne and bid adieu to French soil while munching on a pastry. The 2-hour flight was smooth and we were in Amsterdam with shops in the airport selling flowers & bulbs (good thing we did not buy any - US agriculture inspection would have seized them). The security on our Delta flight to Detroit was long and arduous. We basically had to empty our backpacks and pockets of all electronic devices and any wires. Of course, Tom had a lot of this kind of stuff and many re-passes through the x-ray machine had to take place before we at last got into the departure lounge. The plane was an Airbus and was not as comfortable as the Boeing we had come over in. The seats gave both of us a backache despite the fact that we were in “Economy Comfort.”

We landed in Detroit a bit ahead of schedule and it was great to be back in the USA. The Customs and Immigration had just been automated, but the system kept going down, so it took a little longer to clear than we had experienced in Atlanta where the same system was installed. We had a lot of time to kill before our Delta Connection flight back to Rochester and we had hoped to have dinner in the Chili’s Restaurant we had done so on another trip, but it had closed and there were two new restaurants opening in December. Lot of good that did us! We had a reasonable meal at the only non-fast-food establishment.

The Delta Connection flight was on time and full, with some passengers huffing and puffing as they arrived just in time. We took off at 9:46PM and arrived 45 minuted later in Rochester where we took a taxi and were home around midnight. Tom was exhausted and was only able to retrieve his toothbrush from the luggage and hit the hay almost immediately. It was 6AM according to our bodies. Anne unwound and came to bed later.

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