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Th entrance to our hotel - on a huge plaza

Nice room


Good view from our room's window

Off on an explore - about a mile out and back.

There were many fountains


Very modern architecture


Nice breakfast

Interesting lighting inside the cafe.


Pedestrian-only part of the city

More elaborate fountains


Tapered buiding


Old building

Clock - didn't work

And still more fountains

This is a barrier on the pedestrian-only streets - but it could...

Old door

Somebody famous

A wide street


So funny


This is the home of some famous painters

Our street

Very modern!

Our hotel, “The Renaissance” (a Marriott property) is exceptional and offers a commanding view of the city of “X” (as the locals abbreviate and pronounce Aix-en-Provence). We were impressed by the modernistic architecture as we headed to the pedestrian-only streets. We had a typical French breakfast (croissants and coffee) at Le Festival cafe and then wove our way through the throngs of people on this Monday morning. There were many young teens. Tom used his new Leica C camera to capture images in the “street photography” genre. This tiny camera while only 12mpx has done an outstanding job on this trip with its Leica Summicron f/2.0 zoom lens. It will probably be the “travel camera” for some time to come. Aix-en-Provence is easily seen in a few hours and we headed back to the hotel with lunch from a local patisserie, took a nap and then packed up for the short drive to the Marseilles Airport. We had the Renaissance booked for tonight, but our flight tomorrow is early and we did not want to be driving in the dark, getting lost, and missing our Air France connection to Amsterdam.

The drive to the Marseilles Airport and our last hotel (The Best Western Marseilles Airport) was very straight-forward. We even found a gas station less than a kilometer from the hotel and we filled up. Dinner was not as good as at the Renaissance the night before, but we were ready to come home and the night passed quickly.

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