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I led two tours of the Mark Twain Cave this morning.

The first group had 13 people and the second tour had 5 which included a small child.

I walked back to the RV after the second tour and had time to change my shirt before Bob arrived to help install a new camera on the rear of our RV. Now I can monitor the Car while towing it behind the RV, when we head for the Rio Grande Valley next week.

Bob arrived around 1:00 PM and soon had the old camera replaced with the new one. A quick test showed that the new camera worked just fine!

One thing which happened was that, when I opened the door to the basement storage area to retrieve a small screwdriver from my tool box, I noticed water on the floor.

I quickly unloaded the entire storage area and discovered that the water was coming from a water supply hose for the washing machine.

By the time I had the floor pretty much dried, Bob had tested the camera and climbed into the basement where he tightened the water supply hose clamps.

The leak is fixed for now.

Bob and I sat on the patio with a cold drink and Marilyn joined us, then Lauren came outdoors to entertain us all.

After Marilyn left to drive Lauren back to her Mom in Palmyra, Bob and I visited for awhile longer, then he left to run a few errands.

By the time I had the basement items stored away once again, Marilyn arrived back at home.

We waited about an hour and then left to drive to a restaurant to meet our friends, Bob & Janet and Steve & Cathy.

With the six friends all together, plates filled with good food, and lively conversation all around, we were enjoying our time for sure.

Steve & Cathy had lots of questions about the full-time RV lifestyle and Bob & Janet were a good source of info for the questions they asked.

We said so long to our friends with shared hugs, and drove home in time to watch Survivor on TV.

Life is Good!

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