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First light on the grape arbors

Door from our balcony

A house on the hill

The entrance to our Inn

By the road



We are now up in the little village of Seguret

Its map


Narrow streets

The bell

A fountain

One of the two restaurants

Looking out into the valley


A "Frenchie" - a French bulldog

Tom's lunch

Anne's lunch


This dog was so cute

Artistic dessert presentation




Back down the hill

Dinner that night


We watched the sun peek over the hill from our East facing balcony as it bathed the soil in its warmth. The temperatures have been in the mid-70’s to lower 80’s during the day and the nights are in the mid-50’s with clear skies. Before heading out to explore the nearby village of Seguret, Tom walked around the property and captured some images of the hotel/vineyard. Unlike the other towns and cities we have visited, Seguret is a sleepy village with plenty of parking and steep climbs (it is on a hill!). It is only a 5 minute drive away with no complicated turns.

There were no tacky shops and the town seemed to be shut down for lunch, but there were two restaurants with many patrons. We sat down to lunch at “Le Mesclun” where a family with a French Bulldog were also dining. We had a wonderful lunch and met a couple from Toronto at the next table who were vacationing with their friends from San Diego. The chef at Le Mesclun is an artist and the food and dessert were beautifully presented, as well as delicious. That night we had dinner at the restaurant next door to Le Mesclun where the food was more or less plopped on the plate with a huge batch of fries, and was nowhere as good as we had at lunch. (So why WAS it so highly rated?) We decided to have dinner at Le Mesclun tomorrow.

We got back to our inn before the door was locked, so we did not need to use the code to enter and stopped in to the bar for a snifter of Cointreau.

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