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An unexpected travel day today. Our group of friends were all trekking to the Gilli Islands, which are a group of 3 islands between Bali and Lombok. We were going to Gili Trawangan the biggest of the 3. Even still, you can walk the diameter of the island in 20mins. It's a piece of land purely devoted to tanning, snorkeling and cocktails. A minivan picked us up at the hostel at 7, we had crazy driving to get to east Bali where there's a dock for boats. Although the 2 hour drive was harrowing as usual, it was great to see the rice terraces, palm trees and volcanos of Bali. I'm afraid I wont have time to see the interior of the island. As i looked out the window of the van it occurred to me suddenly: I forgot to pay the hostel for the extra night while i was rushing to get up!! I learned later they were not impressed. The boat ride to Gillis from the docks takes another 2 hours. I was scared it would be another Ko Phi Phi debacle as I heard the waters can get rough. Luckily the entire stay on Bali it's dry season and not a drop of rain. As we land on Gili it's just a nicer version of some of the small islands on Thailand. Well kept, one cobblestone road along the coast. There's bikes and then there's these horse-drawn carriages that make a jingle noise as they barge down the street. Another note is that this is the sheer hottest it's been on the trip, I can just feel it. I walked down the blistering main road, bartering for a good deal on a bungalow to rent. Finally I reach a good one near the beach for a reasonable price. This is the life. O rented a bike for like 3$ and toured the island by myself. On bike its even smaller; I did an entire lap of the island through farmers fields, over some beach in 30mins. Scenic to see the volcanos of Lombok in the distance and other Gili islands virtually a stone throw away. The rest of the day I spend in search of my friends, sipping a few smoothies on the way. Most of them I find staying at the one main hostel in the center of town. It was barely a hostel, more a bar with beds surrounding it. I prefer my place. We have one more fun night out on Gilli, essentially all the young people are together since the island is so small. It was a relatively early night in.

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