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View of the falls at a dropoff

Now it is one giant falls right here

"Vultures in the Mist"

Nadai was a wealth of information

Roger and Louise prior to getting soaked

On a bridge over a falls

The only thing missing is the soap and shampoo!

Starting to dry out!

Precautions about the coatis were on each table at the food courts

Here's why

...but aren't they cute?

No kidding!

Getting wet, wet, wet!

Today's booked tour took us over the border into Argentina once again. This was totally a trip to visit the viewpoints of the falls on the Argentine side and included an optional soaking. Our guide Nadai picked us up at 9 and the border routine we went through with Marcello was repeated with the additional step of stopping to change money before the border. We needed Argentine pesos as the National Park on that side will take cash in pesos only for the entrance fee.

With Nadai, we walked both the upper and lower circuits with breaks for information from Nadai passed on as the roaring of the waters allowed. There is a third and longest circuit to the Devil's Throat area of the falls, but a previous flood (previous to the present heavy waters) took out many of the walkways. Replacement of these walkways has already begun, but the present extreme high water conditions have suspended these repairs. It was truly an awe-inspiring tour that equates in some ways to different ways of experiencing the Grand Canyon. Both give breath-taking views from the top/rim, but for the total effect, one must go closer and drop into the depths and in this case be just a few feet from the rushing waters and get soaked in the accompanying mist. Roger had come the best prepared to get soaked as he stripped down to shorts and flip-flops only for venturing into the spray. Marilyn and Louise opted to cover with rain gear and Dave took pictures and hustled through a mere dampening. We don't have words to better pass on the experience here; we can only hope that the pictures can help do justice to our experience!

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