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All the street signs have little hearts on them.

Nebraska’s oldest standing school building, built in 1897. Considered to be haunted.

Love the colors on this Lutheran Church.

Beautiful windows.

Downtown street light.

Another one. Each one lists something to see or do in Valentine.

Hearts on the sidewalk. Too cute.

Close up, this one saying you can canoe here.

One of the little old houses in Valentine.

The Peppermill Lounge where we had lunch.

He was outside of the restaurant, patiently waiting. He smiled for the...

My lunch...roast beef sliders

John's ...stuffed burrito.

Old farming type building, no longer used.

"Do you think my tractor is sexy?"

That covers just about everyone you would want in a bar.

Bank building. Amazing brick design showing railroads, farming, Indians, rivers and bridges.

A closer view

A very close view.

Just a look down the street.

Huge Western store.

John thinks I need a cow bell. I think he is still...

Need some boots?

Maybe these?

A mere $199, reduced from $249. A bargain!

City Hall

John liked the overhang on this building.

Veteran's Memorial next to the City Hall.

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in World War II

The courthouse

A small alcove for lover's.

A great buck and doe

Directly across from the deer.

On the wall behind the deer.

Land of the buffalo song.

Beautiful bronze statue.

Dedicated by....

Hanging on the wall behind the statue to your right.

You can stagger out of the Corner Bar (cool name) and hit...

Oh, my goodness, what a storm we had last night. Blew over our Direct TV satellite dish…rats! John had to miss the game and I missed some of the new shows on TV. Fortunately, no power or Wi-Fi loss.

This morning and afternoon it was gusting at 40 mph. Glad we are not pulling the RV today.

Since we didn't have time to take in the town yesterday, we headed to Main St. in the early afternoon.

Love this city. There are hearts everywhere. On street signs, on buildings, even on the sidewalks.

We walked down the 3 blocks which seemed to encompass Downtown. It wasn’t easy, cause not only was it chilly, but on one side we were heading into the wind, almost bent over.

There weren't too many shops to visit, as it was more of a “working” town with doctor offices, lawyers, a couple bars, insurance agents, a couple hair salons, the courthouse and a huge Western store.

We spent some time in the cowboy bob shop. Lots of boots, shirts, other stuff, upstairs, downstairs…whew. It was a huge store. Found some boots, shirts and jackets I would love to have, but holy cow, the prices were not “living on a fixed income” friendly.

We stopped at the Peppermill Lounge for lunch. Cracked me up, as there seemed to be only trucks in the parking lot. This is farm country, you know.

Got home after seeing the town and checking out some of the houses in the neighborhood…lots of porches and old homes.

We relaxed watching a couple shows we like, then off to bed.

Oh, yeah, John got the satellite dish set up again. Football, you know!!

Tomorrow, we head to North Platte, Ne. A short 2 hour drive. Love those short drives.

Some interesting facts about Valentine.

There are 2,700 residents, average home price is $95,000, only 2.6 percent unemployment and, my favorite fact?

The Valentine Post Office stamps approximately 10,000 Valentine’s Day cards with their special cachet each year and then re-mails for people who want their valentines post marked from the Heart City.

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