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The primary item on our agenda today was Colby’s football game in Quincy, IL.

We left the RV at 8:00 and headed east across the Mississippi, then north, toward Quincy.

The weather was only in the 40’s with a stiff breeze which made it seem even colder.

Steve had taken several lawn chairs for us which was a good thing because there were no bleachers to sit on.

Lots of people were wrapped in blankets and we were comfortable in the heavy jackets. We were happy when the game was over. Colby played well but his team was over-matched.

We had planned to take the kids and grandkids to the Chinese Restaurant for lunch after the game, and invited Steve’s parents to join us.

They were unable to join us today, so we left and met the kids at the restaurant.

The food was plentiful and quite tasty. In fact I felt like a nap after eating.

I did doze off for a power nap after we arrived back at the RV.

The Oklahoma vs. TCU football game held our interest though and we enjoyed the afternoon.

Another fine day!

Life is Good!

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