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Marilyn & I sleep with a fan running in the bedroom.

The white noise and the air stirring helps us to sleep peacefully.

With that said, I awoke sometime during the night to a deafening silence. The fan was not running.

I glanced at the clock, expecting to see large red numbers staring back at me, but there was nothing but darkness.

Realization hit me that the electric power was off.

Marilyn woke about the same time, and I asked quietly if she would open the blind and check to see if any lights were visible in the campground.

She replied that it was all dark out there.

I knew that the fridge would switch to propane so that was no issue.

We were comfortable with the temperature and didn’t care what time it was so both of us went back to sleep.

We woke again when the power came back on. It was nearly our normal “get up” time so we were soon sipping hot coffee and talking about our day.

It wasn’t long before Marilyn left to take Lauren to school and I was off to lead tours of the Cave.

I did two tours back to back and then arrived back at the RV in time to change clothes before Marilyn and Lauren arrived.

We had time for lunch and some play before leaving again, this time to pick up Colby at his school.

We took the kids to “Subway” to pick up sandwiches and then drove to Steve & Jen’s house.

We fed the little ones, played soccer and football with Colby, and then sat in Lauren’s room while she prepared a pretend meal for me. We were having “Garbage Soup” which is what I told her I called my beef vegetable soup, green beans, potatoes, onions, mixed nuts, and a martini. She has no idea what a martini is but that is what I ordered when she asked what I would like to drink.

We sat together eating this delicious pretend meal, then she told me to put my dirty dishes in the basket and she would wash them later.

It was fun. Then Colby and I played more football.

Marilyn gave both the kids their “tubby time” and we all watched “Shrek” for awhile.

Once the kids went off to bed, Marilyn & I watched the Cardinals vs. Dodgers Baseball Game. What a dandy game that was!

So now, at 10:00 PM, we are back home.

Time to grab a bite to eat and head off to bed for a good night of sleep.

Temp is going down to the low 30’s tonight, so we have the Rio Grande Valley on our minds.

Life is Good!

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