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Our car

A bull

From inside

On the road

At the Camargue Wild Life Refuge Museum

An observation deck

In the deck

The Camargue


The Museum

A map of the region

A display on photography back then

Photo materials

Photo chemicals


Western equipment


Just like our "Wild West"

Along the seashore


Wild horses

The gray one is a young horse.

They turn white on maturity


An abandoned farmhouse

A view of the marshy area






An RV from Switzerland


Along the dike




A sluice gate

Back at our Hotel



Tom got his escargot

good meal





Creative shot by waitress


From the street

We bravely aimed our car south toward the Camargue Wild Life Refuge which borders on the Mediterranean Sea in far south France. After a multitude of roundabouts, we were in the wild and began to see the animals promised in our guide book. First we saw white wild horses and then bulls in the swampy fields on the side of the road. We had visited the Camargue Museum just before forging out into the wilder region and there, we saw what seemed to be views from our own (USA) wild west. There were cowboys on horses, with guns and all the same things we attribute to John Wayne movies. In fact there was a French cowboy movie playing in the museum’s theater!

At the dike, we met a couple from Switzerland who were camping in their RV. We had lunch ourselves, but in the back seat of our car. Getting away from the big city was great.

We returned to Avignon and had to look hard for a restaurant. However Tom got his wish of escargot at an excellent restaurant, Balthazar.

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